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      China Attorney Online ---Nanjing,China---Attorney at LawChina Attorney Online ---Nanjing,China---

      China Attorney Online ---Nanjing,China---



      I graduated from the University of NanJing in 1989,double-majoring in law and computer technology. I had my legal training in the College of Law,Nanjing University.from 1991 to 1994. In 1994, I completed a training programme for PRC lawyers which was jointly run by the University of Nanjing. in 1995, I acquired P.R.China Lawyer Bar.After acquiring my master degree in 1996, I will continue my study with a Doctorate Degree programme in PRC Civil and Commercial Law.

      Professional Experience
            Director,Partner. Licensed Chinese Lawyer (admitted 1995).
            China Lawyer's License No.:100195116683
            China Lawyer's Qualification Certifacate No.:13201-1995-1044-9835
            2007-Current Attorney at Law, Denben Lawfirm,Nanjing, China.
            1997-2006 Attorney at Law, Zhongmeng Lawfirm,Nanjing, China.
            1995-1997 Attorney at Law, Shicheng Lawfirm,Nanjing, China.
            1989-1994 counselor, Q&F Co.Ltd, jiangsu,China.

      I am member of the INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY COMMISSION OF JIANGSU PROVINCE,China, also I am member of the WTO LEGAL SERVICE & CONSULTING CENTER OF JIANGSU PROVINCE,China. I have resolved many WTO disputes, copyright disputes, trade mark disputes, and anti-unfair competition disputes.
      I focuses on serving the SME sector, both local and overseas. I represents foreign companies with direct investment in China, including setting up offices, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, and the restructuring of PRC's small-to-medium-sized enterprises, both state-owned and privately-owned.

      I also advises new IT start-ups on such issues as corporate structures (e.g. shareholders' agreements), IP rights protection (e.g. software copyrights and domain name protection), licensing agreements, and growth strategies (e.g. mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investment, etc.)

      My current focus includes such topics as Competition Law, WTO Legal Framework, and legal issues in relation to economic integration between Mainland China and TaiWan and HongKong.

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